Operation Round-Up is a special fund created to benefit communities in the Darke REC service area. The purpose of Operation RounOperation Round Upd-Up is to accumulate and disburse funds for charitable purposes that will benefit the community.

Each month, members voluntarily round up their bill to the next highest dollar, and the extra pennies are deposited in the trust. A board of trustees, separate from the Darke REC Board, reviews grant applications from charitable groups and worthy individuals throughout the Darke REC service area. 

If you know of a worthy cause, you may obtain an application below or by calling our office. Any non-profit group or organization located within Darke's service area is eligible to apply for funds.

Members sign-up here to Round Up! 

How it works: Each month your bill will round up to the next whole dollar. That change is deposited into the Operation Round Up Trust. Members donate on average $6 per year. 

Operation Round Up Plus: Round Up PLUS a dollar amount of your choosing. 

Monthly Donation