Cool Returns

Receive a $100 rebate for installation of load management switch on your air conditioning system.

Darke REC's Cool Returns program helps keep members’ bills in check during the hottest times of the year. With the installation of a radio-controlled switch, the energy consumption of your air-conditioning system will automatically be dialed down during times of peak demand—usually from about 2-6 p.m. on the hottest days of the year.

This helps members save money on their bill while helping us reduce stress on the electric grid. Load management periods are typically very brief, and the comfort of your home should not be affected. The switch does not control your thermostat or harm your air-conditioning system.

Click here for program guidelines. Please fill out this form if you are interested in Cool Returns and call 1-800-776-5612 with any questions.


Dual Fuel

Enjoy comfortable heat in the winter and refreshingly cool air in the summer with an add-on electric heat pump. The heat pump works with your oil, gas, or propane furnace to provide heat in the winter and becomes a central air conditioning unit in the summer.

How your heat pump heats

  1. First, heat is absorbed from cold air outside by a low temperature, low pressure refrigerant.
  2. The gaseous refrigerant then passes through compressor & is compressed into a high temperature, high pressure vapor.
  3. As refrigerant passes through an indoor coil, heat is transferred to indoor air and the refrigerant condenses to a liquid.
  4. Warm air is then circulated throughout your house.
  5. The liquid refrigerant returns to the outdoor coil where it once again becomes a vapor, and the cycle starts over.

How your heat pump cools

  1. Heat is absorbed from inside air by a low temperature, low pressure refrigerant in the indoor coil.
  2. Cool, dehumidified air is circulated in the house.
  3. Heated gaseous refrigerant flows to a compressor, which then raises the pressure & temperature of the gas & pumps it to the outdoor coil, where heat is transferred to outdoor air.
  4. Refrigerant condenses into a liquid in the outside coil as heat is given off.
  5. Liquid flows back to the indoor coil where it vaporizes, & the cycle starts again.

Darke REC Dual Fuel Rebate Program Requirements

You can qualify for a $600 rebate if you install an add-on electric heat pump unit to an existing heating system. The rebate program will be reviewed each year to determine its continuation. Click here for heat pump guidelines.



The most efficient and economical resource for heating and cooling your home is right in your back yard. Members can qualify for a $800 rebate by installing a geothermal unit to heat and cool their homes.

The rebate program will be reviewed each year to determine its continuation. Click here for more information on Geothermal Guidelines.


Water Heater 

Over the years, Darke Rural Electric Cooperative has found that electric water heaters have been an appreciable share of our electrical load, and are the type of load that can be controlled to help avoid peaks in our system demands.

In an effort to continue the promotion of the use of electric water heaters and to require our members to permit us to install a radio-controlled switch on all new electric water heater installations, a rebate program will be in effect. Click here for more information.


Electric Vehicle - Level 2 Charger

Darke REC is offering a $250 rebate to cooperative members who install a new electric vehicle – level 2 charger in a home, office, or other building. This rebate is available only to members.

Specific Requirements:

The equipment must be certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (U.L. Listed); and Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) Listed. The equipment installed shall be in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations and shall meet applicable federal, state or local agency standards. Click here for more information.