Dual Fuel

Warm your winters, cool your summers, and pocket hot savings with Dual Fuel.
Enjoy comfortable heat in the winter and refreshingly cool air in the summer with an add-on electric heat pump. The heat pump works with your oil, gas, or propane furnace to provide heat in the winter and becomes a central air conditioning unit in the summer.

How your heat pump heats

  1. First, heat is absorbed from cold air outside by a low temperature, low pressure refrigerant.
  2. The gaseous refrigerant then passes through compressor & is compressed into a high temperature, high pressure vapor.
  3. As refrigerant passes through an indoor coil, heat is transferred to indoor air and the refrigerant condenses to a liquid.
  4. Warm air is then circulated throughout your house.
  5. The liquid refrigerant returns to the outdoor coil where it once again becomes a vapor, and the cycle starts over.

How your heat pump cools

  1. Heat is absorbed from inside air by a low temperature, low pressure refrigerant in the indoor coil.
  2. Cool, dehumidified air is circulated in the house.
  3. Heated gaseous refrigerant flows to a compressor, which then raises the pressure & temperature of the gas & pumps it to the outdoor coil, where heat is transferred to outdoor air.
  4. Refrigerant condenses into a liquid in the outside coil as heat is given off.
  5. Liquid flows back to the indoor coil where it vaporizes, & the cycle starts again.

Darke REC Dual Fuel Rebate Program Requirements

You can qualify for a $600 rebate if you install an add-on electric heat pump unit to an existing heating system. The rebate program will be reviewed each year to determine its continuation. Click here for heat pump guidelines.


The Heating and Cooling System right in your own backyardGeothermal Energy Solutions

A few feet under the ground, there is an amazing energy source just waiting to be used. It's free, clean, and reusable. Technology now allows tapping of the earth's solar storage capacity to provide energy for heating and cooling of your home.

Geothermal Systems use the earth's energy to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. Geothermal works with the earth and the sun to provide constant, comfortable heating and cooling.

Geothermal is a simple concept. A high strength, thermal plastic pipe is buried into the ground in a loop configuration. A closed loop is filled with a safe water/antifreeze solution that transfers heat to or from the earth as needed. The same thing applies for an open loop that taps into a well, then discharges the water once it has been used. The closed loop is almost maintenance free, with a life expectancy of over 50 years.

If you are building a new home or upgrading your current home's heating and cooling system, consider a geothermal system. Not only do geothermal systems offer a safe, efficient, and economical way to heat and cool your home, they also add to the home’s value. Click here for Geothermal Guidelines.