Our Four Core Values

As a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, our core values consist of integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community.

These four values allow us to consistently deliver high standards of excellence to our members.

The Seven Cooperative Principles

Like all cooperatives, Darke REC is guided by Seven Cooperative Principles that form the basis of our business model.

Voluntary and Open Membership
Anyone able to receive electric service and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership is welcome.

Democratic Member Control
Each member has one vote and is able to use his or her vote to elect trustees and to vote on policy.

Members' Economic Participation
Co-ops strive to provide at-cost service and unused revenue is returned to members.

Autonomy and Independence
All decisions made ensure the continued self-reliance of the cooperative.

Education, Information and Training
Co-ops help members use electricity safely and efficiently and empower their employees and trustees to provide exceptional service.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives
Working with other cooperatives helps support the sound, sustainable co-op business model.

Concern for Community
Co-ops sponsor and promote worthwhile local causes in their service territories.